October 14 - Ear Muff Run

Eric Taylor led a very successful Ear Muff run that attracted 27 people with eight British cars braving the elements - remember, they were born in wet Britain. Two MGBs arrived with tops down but quickly put them up just before the rains came.  There was a great collection of “ear muffs” – please see the photo gallery below. We had a lovely hour long drive along the top of the escarpment and through the Beaver Valley, ending up at Bridges Tavern in Thornbury. Some of the Fall colours were spectacular.


Fred and Edna Terry joined us for lunch and they were presented a gift of a wooden carved “Blue Jay” decoy made by Jim Harkness who is near Stayner. They are moving to Port Hope to live closer to one of their family.  The "Ear Muff" trophy went to our surprise participant, "The Stig".

October 21 - Adopt-A-Highway Fall Cleanup

Well, it was cool, dry, and a bit windy, but we had eighteen GBBCC members attend our Fall highway clean-up event. At our wrap-up meeting after the cleanup, the usual suspects created wonderful and far reaching stories vaguely pertaining to some ordinary piece of litter that they found. Many thanks to the story tellers – you should all be on the stage!

The following members were in attendance; Brian & Cindy Bailey, Harry Drover, Dwight & Sonja Dyson, Jim & Pam Giblon, Ralph Kertcher, Bob Mills, Bob Muir, Don Godfrey, Hannah Plante, Peter Smith, Tom Schutte, Jim Spruce, Graeme Wallace, and Bill & Sharon Rogers