April 22 - Ancaster Car Show & Flea Market

Ancaster British Car Show & Flea Market – April 22nd  Some GBBCC members were led by Graeme from Collingwood to Shelburne to met Brian Wootton, who then led the group on a very enjoyable route to Ancaster. GBBCC members were; Graeme Wallace (MGB), George Christie (Spitfire), Bud McCannell (MGB), Don Godfrey (MGB) & Brian Betty, Bob Mills (MG TD top down) & Richard Rood, Peter & Ann Smith (regular vehicle), Wayne Clute (TR6), Mike O’Rourke (Jaguar XKE), Ron & Rosemary McCann (regular vehicle), and Brian Wotton who took a ride from Bud. We met several GBBCC members at the event, including Phil Hall, Peter Johnson, Bob Muir, Harry de Ruiter, Bill Rogers, Ralph Kertcher, as well as many friends from various other car clubs. Despite it being cold, this was a very successful event.

April 29 - Adopt-A-Highway Spring Cleanup

Adopt-A-Highway Spring Clean-Up April 29th 2012 - With a bright sun, cloudless sky and a light breeze out of the north-west, 22 members (plus Fred Terry) attended our Spring 2012 highway clean-up. The most interesting item found in the ditches was the ten dollar bill ($10.00) found by Ken McNay. Other members found somewhat uninteresting items, but, with intense imagination they were able to fabricate clever stories involving the items.


All attending appeared to have a wonderful time out in the fresh air and they did a wonderful job of cleaning the highway.


The following is a list of those who attended; Cindy & Brian Bailey, Cathy & Harry de Ruiter, Harry Drover, Sonja & Dwight Dyson, Paul Egan, Lora Gibson & Dick Clark, Don Godfrey, Paul Green, Barbara & Andy Hims, Ralph Kertcher, Tom Hughes, Ron McCann, Ken McNay, Sharon Rogers & Bill Rogers, Tom Schutte, Fred Terry (group photo only), and Graeme Wallace.  Click on the following link to view more photos.


Many thanks to Bill Rogers, who continues to organize this event.