2021 Past Events & Photos

Christmas Gala 2021 on Wednesday, December 8th 


We gathered at Sterling's Restaurant in Thornbury Harbour for our Christmas Gala.  Seasonal, but reasonable weather saw 53 members and guests attend.  Through the evening we were entertained by Emily Chambers, who has acquired a miniature TVR.


Many thanks to Scott Neilly for sourcing the location and coordinating all the details during difficult (and constantly changing) times!


Photos are courtesy of resident documentarian Bill.


Ear Muff Run on Friday, Oct 29th 2021


A group of the hardiest members of the Club met at Edenvale Aerodrome for our sort-of-annual Ear Muff Run on Friday Oct 29.   Some brought their LBCs (those that weren't in hibernation already, anyway) and a few even had their tops down! 


The following tour took us through Elmvale, Orr Lake, and Moonstone, and then down the lovely 10th Concession to the Old Barrie Road.   A surprising amount of colour remained on the trees and, once again, the 10th did not disappoint.  We ended up at the Crazy Horse Pub in Horseshoe Valley Resort where the staff did an outstanding job of feeding and watering us. 


Newest member John Fox was awarded the coveted Ear Muff trophy at the end of the meal.  Our photographer of the day, Bud McCannell, had to drop out of the run with a wonky electrical system, but not before he managed to take the pictures you see here. 


33 Attendees in 21 vehicles far exceeded my expectations.  Thanks to John Holgate and Doug Simpson for their help in the organizing, and to Graeme Wallace for extracting Bud's pictures.


Looking forward to seeing you all at the Christmas Gala.


Scott Neilly


Fall Colours Tour on Thursday, Oct 14th 2021


We had a total of 48 people in 23 vehicles meet at Fisher Fields in west Collingwood for the start of the Fall Colours Tour.  We had 7 Jaguars, 5 MGs, 4 Triumphs, 1 Morgan, 1 Aston Martin and 5 non-British cars.  We divided into two groups for the drive of nearly 100 kms through the Fall colours. 

The route (thanks to Graeme Wallace) took us via the Collingwood Regional Airport then to Glen Huron where we had a brief stop at Giffen's Country Market for coffee and various locally baked cookies and butter tarts. We then explored the countryside south and west, passing through Badjeros, winding our way via Feversham and then back along Pretty River Valley Road.  We saw some wonderful Fall colours.

We ended up at Mylar and Loreta's restaurant in Singhampton and 44 of us stayed for a very good lunch.  During our drive, we had an observation quiz.  With perfect scores, the winners were John and Irna Holgate and Alex Faltynek and Cheryl.  Runners up (with only one missed right answer) were the Turtons, the Tullochs, the Christies and Ken McKay and Marie. 

Many thanks to both Sharon Rogers and Bob Mills for the great photos.

Muskoka Back Roads Excursion on Friday, Sept 10th 2021


We had a total of 18 GBBCC members join us for the Muskoka Excursion gathering to meet and greet at the Edenvale Aerodrome parking lot.

15 cars started out and travelled in uncertain rain and damp conditions but as we left the start positions the weather improved and off we travelled down Hwy26 E to the intersection of Horseshoe Valley Road.  We then made a sharp turn onto Horseshoe Valley Road and travelled east to CR.#29 and turned north.

The road goes almost directly north through the village of Crossland (there is a 1950’s pickup truck and a converted schoolhouse in the village itself) the pickup truck has original paint and the garage door is always up – makes a great picture.

When we reached Hwy 92, we turned East again and passed thru Elmvale. Following that we continued all the way across what is the Moonstone Road.  At the centre of the Moonstone Village, which is at Conc.8, we turned north for a short scenic trip up to the Vasey Road and turned East onto the Vasey Road into the Town of Coldwater.  We turned North again and travelled along the scenic Coldwater river road and turned onto the Upper Big Chute Road.

Once on the Big Chute road, we travelled to the St. Amont Road, which took us all the way to the Village of Port Severn.  We took the group onto the Hwy 400 exchange and travelled north to the other side of the Lock 45 in Port Severn as the current bridge is under repair. After a short trip on the Hwy. 400, we took the Honey Harbour Road and followed it to the South Bay Road which crossed over the Hwy 400 again.  We then travelled a short distance north to the Big Chute Road. Traveling east on the Big Chute Road we came to the Big Chute Marina – our destination.

Th Big Chute Road to the Big Chute Marina was a scenic road and we passed some smaller lakes and waterfalls and eventually arrived at the Marina.  The setting on the patio was comfortable, by all accounts, and the food seemed to be agreeable with everyone.  In particular was the waitress and the special attention she took to serve ALL of us in a very reasonable time, single handed.  After lunch the Group broke into groups and we each made our way back home.

I’m glad the Muskoka Excursion went well and would perhaps keep the Big Chute Road on the list for future trips.  It was a fun exercise to organize and thanks to Doug for working with me in getting the trip organized. To those who attended – Many Thanks!

  John Holgate / Doug Simpson

Faltynek BBQ on Friday August 27 2021


Alex Faltynek and Cheryl hosted a BBQ for members and friends at his house in Craigleith. 


Mother Nature cooperated nicely and with some overcast, the temperature of the preceding week was relieved and it stayed dry.  31 Members attended including 5 new members.  Great to see and meet new faces! 


With help from Scott Neilly on the grill, Alex made sure everyone was well fed.  All had a good time and agreed it was nice to get together with old friends and talk to each other again.


COVID-19 Mini-Tour on Friday, August 13th 2021


The weather cooperated (in spite of the inauspicious date) on Friday 13th of August for our Tour and Lunch Cruise from Collingwood to Thornbury, and even with a couple of last minute cancellations,  we counted 16 Club cars on the Run.  


Leaving the Legion parking lot in Collingwood, we headed for Duntroon, and then worked our way west, past the quarry, and picked up the Pretty River Road at Rob Roy.  The tree cover was spectacular, and the route proved mercifully free of bicycles and Spandex.  On to the intersections of County Roads 19 and 21 and then the Roundabout at the base of Blue.  Bill caught a wonderful glimpse of our flock of LBCs negotiating the roundabout at speed, but was unable to capture it on film!   We'll have to station a camera crew there next time. 


We climbed the Scenic Caves Road, with its spectacular view of the Bay, to Banks, and then zig-zagged through Loree and Victoria Corners to Clarksburg, and then on to Sterling's Restaurant in Thornbury, overlooking the Harbour from their patio deck. 


The food and refreshments were excellent, and everyone had a chance to catch up and review the trip, with a couple of drivers saying that we had covered some stretches of road that were new to them!


In attendance were;  

  • John & Erna Holgate
  • Alex Faltynek and Guest
  • Dwight & Sonja Dyson,
  • Norm & Yvonne Pryor
  • George & Fran Christie
  • Don & Judy Johnson
  • Meirion & Anne Roberts and 2 Guests,
  • Don & Cathy Leinbach
  • Jim & Pam Giblin
  • Bill & Sharon Rogers
  • Brian Walker and Janice
  • Bud McCannell
  • Paul Shaw
  • Jim Spruce
  • Bill McMurray
  • Scott Neilly

Thanks to everyone who turned out, and we will plan another run soon.   A special thanks to our photographic crew, Bill & Sharon for capturing these memories on film.  Enjoy!


COVID-19 Elmvale Car Show on Saturday, July 31st 2021


At the invitation of the Elmvale Flea Market, several GBBCC Club members attended the Elmvale Car Show on July 31 2021.  The Event was well organized, and a row of parking was set aside for our LBCs.


Lined up were


  • John & Erna Holgate in their Mini Cooper S
  • Scott Neilly in his V8V
  • Wayne Clute in his TR3
  • Don & Judy Johnson in their Spitfire
  • Ken Birse in his MGB
  • Past Club Member Tom Hall in his MGB GT
  • Bud & Barb McCannell in their 914
  • Jim Spruce in his XJ12


We were completely outnumbered by the Detroit Iron crowd, but the event was a huge success, and will be repeated on Sept. 25th, so please mark your calendars.  Unfortunately, Bill & Sharon Rogers had to cancel at the last moment, and NONE of us thought to take any group photos - we have become so used to the Rogers Camera Team documenting our gatherings!  Take it from us, though, we had a good time.  The weather co-operated for most of the time, sending us home an hour early at 1 pm with rain.  Otherwise, we masked up, set up our chairs, and spoke to lots of car buffs.  The venue has restrooms and food vendors, so all of the important bases were covered. 


We will have more to plan as the Sept. 25th gets closer.


Thanks to everyone who attended.


Scott Neilly


COVID-19 FlashMob on Sunday, July 25th 2021


Hello Everyone,


A big 'Thank You' to everyone who helped make Sunday's FlashMob event of July 25 2021 a big success.  I was hoping for 6 or so cars; at last count we had 16!  I will bring more coffee next time.


In no particular order, we spotted


Wayne Clute in his TR3A

Lloyd Gilbert in his MGA

Ken McNay in his TR6

Mark Hord in his TR6

Carol Patterson in her MGTD

Gillian Arkless in her Mini Countryman

Mike Arkless in his Jaguar XKR

Bill Rogers in his TVR S2

Chris Millar in his MGB

Ralph Kercher in his MGB

Jim Spruce in his Jaguar XJ12

Alex Faltynek in his Austin Healey

Dick Clark in his Austin Healey

Roy Pope in his Jaguar XJ6

Don Leinbach in his Sky RedLine

Scott Neilly in his MGB

Graeme Wallace on his E-Bike (model undetermined)



It was also wonderful to see and be supported by Brian Bailey, Dr (Scott) Russell and Bud McCannell (who may have driven there, but we did not spot a vehicle with a picnic hamper strapped to it ).


I sincerely regret any omissions in the list, but I was (pleasantly) caught off-guard by the great attendance.  I will plan one again soon.


Please enjoy Sharon Rogers’ great pictures below.


Scott Neilly

GBBCC President

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