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GBBCC 2023 meetings will be on third Monday of each month and will be held in the lounge at the Blue Mountain Golf & Country Club.





March 20th - speaker will be Ken Maher


The people of Collingwood have such a real love for their history and they are so very well informed,' said Ken Maher.”  Ken hosts a podcast that travels through the town’s past to uncover the people, events, and stories that have helped make this town into what it is today.   Ken will share some of his stories with us at the March 20th meeting. More can be learned at this website.



April 17th - speaker will be John Twist, via a Zoom link


John will conduct a tech session by Zoom at our April meeting. It’s around the time we will be getting our cars out of hibernation. You can look him up on You Tube.


John’s first MG experience was in high school in Marshall, Michigan. His best friend had received a 1957 MGA from his father, and it was in this MGA that John first rode, first opened a workshop manual, and first was towed by another car. While accompanying his friend to a foreign car workshop in Battle Creek to have the SU carburetters adjusted — a task no mere mortal would consider — John spied a gold MG TD in the corner of the workshop. Never especially interested in cars, certainly never a “gearhead,” this MG grabbed his attention — and kept it! He resolved to purchase a MG td at the earliest opportunity. This was 1964.


John had seen an MG TC at the Checker Motor Company carrying a small tag “University Motors Rebuilt Unit.” When he travelled to England to look for a job, he looked in the phone book and there was University Motors 538-6644, located in Hanwell, London W7. He spoke to Mr. Jim White, the service manager, who invited him to come out for an interview. Again, John explained his passion for MGs, his desire to become an MG dealer, the path he was taking, and the great service to MG that Mr. White could accomplish if only he would offer a job to this young Yank. Jim White hired John on the spot. This was 1972, John was 23.