2018 Past Events & Photos

Monthly General Meeting - March 12th 2018


Doug Simpson was presented with the amazing President’s Trophy by Mike.  Two new members were introduced to the meeting.  Graeme gave a detailed walk-through of our GBBCC website showing members how to navigate the various sections.  There is a wealth of information on the website and members are encouraged to use it more frequently as well as to submit things to Graeme for adding to it.


Bill Rogers outlined the new British Car Enthusiast Award which has been established by the British Car Council.  The award recognizes a club member who exemplifies the spirit of what it means to be a British Car enthusiast and very supportive member of the car club.  The Executive selected Brian Bailey as our 2017 recipient of this award.


Bill proceeded to speak to Brian’s history as a car and racing enthusiast in general, and in particular his love of the Sunbeam Alpine roadster through the years since his first purchase in 1961. His first vehicle in the UK was a 1957 Morris Minor, which he often drove from his home in Blackpool to Greenock in Scotland. He moved to Canada in 1961 and purchased his first red Sunbeam Alpine - 1600cc engine. He used that vehicle in many car rallies and also took up marshalling at Mosport. He converted his Alpine for racing and, with the number 22 on his car started racing at Harewood Acres - he has many racing stories to tell! He stopped racing in 1967. In later years he purchased a red 1967 Alpine which he drove until 2017 until deteriorating eyesight forced him to stop driving. His Alpine is going to a car museum in Hamilton in the spring, for all to see and enjoy


Bill then gave us an interesting walk down memory lane with his British Auto News about the Austin Sheerline, produced in England between 1947 and 1954. 


AGM & Monthly General Meeting - February 12th 2018

Bill Rogers, acting as Chair welcomed our guest speaker, OPP Constable John Gee  He answered a wide variety of member’s questions from front licence plates, seat belts, travelling in convoy, distracted driving dashboard cameras, accident reporting, fastest driver caught, etc.


There was a moment of silence in honour of Tom Schutte, who recently passed away. 


Our annual AGM took place and the new Executive committee was elected, as follows: 

Past President - Mike Arkless

President - Doug Simpson

Treasurer - Eric Taylor

Secretary - Andy Hims

Membership – Joe Bimblich

Regalia & Public Relations – Peter Turton

Director – Bob Tremble

Director – Bill Rogers

Director & Webmaster – Graeme Wallace


After the AGM, Bill Rogers gave a very interesting  short show-and-tell presentation on the Toronto Police Force – his father was a member from 1921 to 1964.


After the regular meeting agenda items, the monthly meeting ended.


Monthly General Meeting - January 8th 2018

Our monthly meeting featured an excellent pressentation by Bob Mills on his visit to the US Vintage National Champoinship races in Austin, Texas in November 2017.   There were 432 cars in attendance in 14 categories and Bob showed many photos and videos of the cars in the pits and racing around the circuit, with amazing engine sounds.


Ken McNay provided details of a GPS speedometer that he has fitted to his 1976 Triumph TR6 - see Classic Automative Innovations


Bill Rogers gave us another of his very good British Auto News sections, this time featuring the Nash-Metropolitan car produced in the 1950s at the Austin plant at Longbridge (Birmingham).