Winter Storage & Winter Hibernation








Here are some additional ideas to protect your investment.


  • If the vehicle is going to be sitting in one spot for an extended period of time, over inflate the tires by +10 lbs


  • Place Styrofoam blocks under the tires to help eliminate flat spots from forming on the tires


  • Apply a good coat of wax to help protect the paint surface on the vehicle


  • Store vehicle with full tank of gas to prevent fuel from contamination


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** Winter Storage at Collingwood Fairgrounds


Storage of vehicles at the Collingwood Fairgrounds


  •  Manager: Gary Milne 705-446-5457






Storage of your British vehicle


over the Winter months


Winter Hibarnation


There are a few steps that you should perform before putting your vehicle away into storage for the winter.  Brian Cullingford – thank you for providing this copy. 


Adobe Acrobat document [1.5 MB]

Out of Winter Storage


When Spring arrives, we should be ready to bring our vehicles out of winter storage.  There are a few tasks that we should do before we drive our vehicles.  Again, thank you Brian Cullingford.


Adobe Acrobat document [62.3 KB]




Aged Tires


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Royal Restoration (Vintage Sheet Metal)


A cnc machine shop fabricating die building molds, fixtures, jigs, tooling and components.  Located in Kitchener Ontario Canada. 

We also build vintage British sheet metal using U.S.A made steel mgb mgb-gt floor pans with seat nuts welded on and fuel and brake line studs, as well for 1968 to 1980 and the older sets 1962-1967, made of 18 gauge galvanneal steel $200 a set plus shipping.  Welds like regular steel but will never rust and a little thicker than original.

We also have MG Midget floor pans $200 a set and some repair panels for the Bs. I ship all over the USA and Canada.  A set is $200 US and single pan is $120. 

The next die that we will complete is the rocker panel and dog leg for Bs. If you have any questions email me back. These floor pans will fall right into place as there is an mg in our shop used as a fixture.  Also selling toe board repair panel, inner rocker repair panel or sill castle rail repair panel side member repair panel, and a few others.


For orders, email me back or please visit me on facebook, "royal restoration" or on Instagram "royalrestorationmg".


We also have in the works:

  • Triumph spitfire floor pan
  • Triumph TR6 floor pan 
  • Jaguar E-Type floor pan 
  • Austin mini floor pan 
  • Austin Healey floor pan


Vintage  British Car Sheet Metal:
We ship all over the USA and Canada.  If you have any questions please contact us. ​
Right and left floor pan for 1968 to 1980 MGB and the older sets 1962-1967 MGB rockers made of 18 gauge galvanneal steel.
  • MG Midget
  • Austin Healey floors an big Healey sprite and bug eye
  • Jag E-type XKE floor pans 
  • Welds like regular steel but will never rust and a little thicker than original. ​


Chris Saur

Royal Restoration
You can reach us now at
20 Howard Place unit 5
Kitchener ON, Canada N2K 2Z4




We are a multi-marque British car club and this section is currently set up for the following cars:




















Please submit any interesting articles and/or technical material about any British car to the GBBCC Webmaster in a Windows format (e.g. MS Word or "pdf" files) along with diagrams, illustrations and photos.  If you do not have them in a digital format, please supply the Webmaster with hardcopies for conversion to the GBBCC website.


MacPherson Woodcrafts


Dan MacPherson, of MacPherson Woodcrafts in British Columbia (recently relocated from the UK) offers high quality woodwork, cabinetry, veneering and wood finishing.


Offering the highest concours standards, Dan specialises in both modern and classic car interior restoration and replacement, mainly but not limited to; Rolls Royce, Bentley, Jaguar, Mercedes, Aston Martin and Bugatti.


Visit the website:

We also offer the same repair, restoration and replacement services for yacht and VIP aircraft interiors as well as offering custom gun and rifle stocks (including alterations) along with many other bespoke items such as ornate boxes, trophy bases, memorial plaques, turned and carved items for ornamental or every day use.


We are also able to cater for special projects and manufacture bespoke items of the highest quality. We offer a whole range of services to a variety of trades and are happy to meet the exacting needs of any client. Every client is dealt with on a one to one basis which enables us to offer the best advice and to achieve the right results.


Here in our work facility, we work with traditional machines along side the latest technology to cater for all manner of specialist work. We can also arrange CAD design, CNC production for higher volume work, laser cutting and engraving.


Our finishing department offers a full range of finishes in a variety of materials including high gloss polyester to cater for every kind of finish requirement.

  • VIP Hard trim vehicle, yacht and aircraft interior repairs, restoration and replacement
  • High quality flat and curved veneering
  • Bases and display cabinets for medals, trophies, ornaments etc
  • Everyday use items such as bowls, breadboards, chopping blocks etc
  • Permanent or temporary grave markers and memorial plaques,
  • Ornate and ornamental wooden objects such as reliefs, mouldings, boxes etc
  • Custom made rifle and gun stocks plus repairs and alterations
  • High quality paint finishing including polyester finishes
  • Artwork and vinyl artwork application and finishing
  • Duplicator carving and engraving
  • General timber machining


Please feel free to phone for information and quotes (250) 486 1371

or   email

Motor Oils - Warning from Dustin who used to be at CARS on Ronell Cres, Collingwood