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Eppie Wietzes (May 28, 1938 to June 11, 2020)

A note from Brian Bailey on June 12th re the passing of legendary Canadian driver Eppie Wietzes


Eppie died yesterday following a long battle with dementia, He was a friend since 1963.  He was a winner with Denny Code in 1.6 litre Sunbeam Alpines #14 and #200 in 1961.


In 1963, he worked with his father & brother Bert at their garage on Mount Pleasant in Toronto. He guided me through the process of converting my 1961 1.6 litre Alpine into a highly modified race car.


Eppie broke his leg racing in B.C and was unable to work for more than a year.  I visited him at his home during this period.  I last spoke to Eppie in 2018 and he was unable to remember who I was but he did remember his fastest Aline lap at 1:49 at Mosport.  I was happy to tell him I equaled, but I was unable to break his record.


Eppie was the factory driver for the Comstock Team and drove F1, 427 Cobra and many other cars.  His favourite was the 427 Ford GT40, it was the best and fastest car.


He was the most honoured and accomplished Canadian driver.