2023 Past Events & Photos

Phil and Carole Hall's tour to Shanty Bay August 19th 2023


The  weather was perfect and the tour was spectacular with lots of twisty turney bits through old growth forests. Phil and Carole's house is nestled in the forest with numerous garages to house Phil's collection of British cars and numerous motor cylcles which have been lovingly restored. Included in the collection is a partially restored 1930's era MG six cylinder type L2 which Phil is currently working on.


We were treated to a delicious barbecue lunch with numerous salads along with desserts, followed by a tour of the car collection  which included MGs, Austin Healeys, Jaguars, Sprites, and a rare Crossley.


Al Tulloch thanked the Hall's on behalf of the nearly 40 members present for their hospitality.

Barrie Hill Farms visit and cruise - Thursday, July 20th


There were some ominous clouds on the drive to Sunnidale Corners which cleared as the group drove to Angus, resulting in bright sunny weather for the rest of the day. There were eight people in five cars: two Jags, one Jensen, one Triumph Spitfire, and one Porsche. At the visit to Barrie Hill Farms, many of the group bought fresh veggies and fruit.  After the visit, we had a good lunch at Linda's Diner, finishing with the trip leader spilling his glass of milk over the table, himself, and the floor!  Our waitress told me it was no use crying over spilled milk and yes, she would look forward to seeing us next year. A great trip appreciated by all. Jim Spruce

Chartwell Traditions visit - Wednesday, July 5th


Jim Giblin arranged this visit with 8 GBBCC vehicles, comprising of two MGBs, Triumph TR3A, Morgan 4/4, Jaguar XJ12, Jaguar X Sport, Porsche, and Mercedes.  We were greated by many Chartwell residents including Ann Schutte, who was a past member of our club.  Many people enjoyed sitting in some of the cars as well as listening to the wonderful exhaust noises.


This was a most enjoyable visit and very well received by the residents and the staff at Chartwell.



Canada Day Parade - Saturday, July 1st


The parade route from Clarksburg to Thornbury was packed pretty much the whole way and the weather cooperated.  GBBCC participants included a Morgan, two MGB’s, 3 Jaguars, a Spitfire, and a red Camaro.  


The parade ended at the Thornbury Arena where they served great burgers.  They were very friendly people and it was well attended.  Unfortunately, it rained just as we were finishing our burgers. Great live music, as well.

Lora Bay Tour - Thursday, June 22nd


Peter and Sue Turton organized a wonderful cruise for 21 members with 11 vehicles.  The weather was outstanding.  We met at the Lora Bay Golf & Country Club near Thronbury and then drove a very good route passing the Loree Forest, down the Scenic Caves road, along the Popular Side Road to the scenic Pretty River Road.  We then wound our way along the Eugenia causeway to Frogs Hollow Road and after nearly 130 kms, we ended up back at Lora Bay Golf Club.  


We then adjourned to the Club's dining room where we had a very good lunch.  After eating, we then parted our ways and drove home.  Very well done Peter and Sue.  Many thanks.



GBBCC Spring Tour - Thursday, May 25th


Harriet Nixon and Roy Pope ran this Spring tour, which started at the Grey Roots Museum & Archives in Owen Sound.  The weather was very good with clear sunny, blue skies, although it was on the cold side especially for the few vehicles without tops.  We drove through Owen Sound and headed North, stopping at Cobble Beach.  The general manager told us all about the Concours d'Elegance to be held this year on September 17th.


We then drove North where we visited the Kemble Women's Institute lookout with a great view of the Bay.  We drove along the Bay to Colpoy's Lookout Conservation area for a photo stop.  We then drove around Big Bay and Kemble where we had a stop at the "Farm on the Lake" where we fed the goats.  Leaving the farm, we drove inland, ending up at Elsie's Diner where we had a lovely 1950's style lunch.


This was a very enjoyable and interesting cruise and we thank Harriet and Roy for their great effort putting this all together.  Very well done.


May 12th Cruise / Visit to OPP Museum at OPP General HQ in Orillia


Jim Spruce organized the first cruise of the 2023 driving season.  Blessed with perfect weather our journey began at the Elmvale Arena, we headed East past Orr Lake and Moonstone, to Highway 12 South to Orillia, We then drove to Memorial Ave. and the OPP General HQ and the OPP Museum. Filled with historic artifacts, the first on view was a 1950's era police car.  Many telephones, walkie-talkies, radar guns, firearms, badges, uniforms, and many photographs of different police activities including the canine unit, were on display. There was no entry fee and guidebooks were also free.


We then drove to Craighurst where a fine lunch was enjoyed, by us all, at the HQ Restaurant.  Some members visited Chelsea Chocolates at the conclusion of our tour. It was a grand turnout of eight cars, eleven GBBCC members, and one guest.  A great start to our cruising season. Many thanks to Jim Spruce



February 27th, 2023  Minutes of AGM & General Monthly Meetings


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