"A Life Long Love Affair"


Bob Tremble tells the story about his love for Lotus.


"Snoopy Went to Reno..... and Beyond"


Read the great story about Bob and Lynn Mills driving their 1953 MG TD "Snoopy" all the way from Collingwood, Ontario to Reno, Nevada.  They drove to California, up the West coast to British Columbia, then back home.  They traveled through or across 19 States and 2 Provinces covering a total of 13,784 Km's., met some really great people, explored small towns off the main highways, drank lots of wine and most importantly enjoyed each other’s love and companionship.  From June 9 to July 20, 2011

"My First British Car"


Wayne Clute received this story from his long-time friend David Bilton.  Wayne met Dave in Collingwood 1964 and they become pals for three reasons.   They both were driving British sports cars back in the 60's, they were both ex-military and they were both single at the time. At present Dave lives near Brighton, Ontario and is still a British car fan. Wayne asked Dave if he would allow this story to be posted on the GBBCC web and Dave agreed.