"Brit Chit Chat #5" - August 2020


Garage Labour Rates


Never a truer word said ..this was spotted in the window of an English village garage …..


Workshop Labour Rates

  Monday to Saturday






  If you watch



  If you offer advice


  If you help


  If you or your mate had a go first


  If you or your mate had a go first and didn’t tell us


  If you saw it on the internet and it looks easy




** We especially like the Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Shooting Brake





** 999 Steps





** McLaren Speedtail  vs  F35 Fighter jet





** James Bond / New Land Rover Defender





** New Land Rover Defender





** Lewis Hamilton's Father selling some of his classics




The following video demonstrates "many hands make light work"


A neighbor of an Amish family had a large metal shed that they no longer wanted.  The Amish Family said they wanted it.  How will you move it, they were asked?  They replied that some of their friends would help them move it to his property about 800 yards away?  250 friends showed up.



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