"Brit Chit Chat #2" - May 2020

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Miscellaneous Ramblings #2 – May 1st 2020



Good article and video for getting the car ready for the new season.




Parking a Mini



Driving a Mini by Mr. Bean




The Triumph TR Story



This is about an old mini restoration and the most awesome driveline swap.  There are many episodes but you should have time to view them all.  It also has some British humour.



This video covers the entire TVR story.  The producers seem to have picked out some of the sadder TVR moments while we know that there are many great TVR stories.




This is the same place where Harry’s Garage went in our first Brit Chit Chat.  Land Rover took one of their stock Range Rover Sport SUVs to Switzerland, parked it on top of a hill and called Ben Collins (who was previously called The Stig from the popular British car show, Top Gear) and asked him to drive down the 7,000 feet inferno ski course just to prove a point.





Sir Stirling Moss


(Sept 17, 1929 - April 12, 2020)


Submitted by our GBBCC member, Brian Bailey - this photo was taken at Mosport 1961 with Moss driving across finish line in #7 Lotus19.  Wally Branston in red waving flag







Sir Stirling Moss and the Canadian Connection





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