Brit Chit Chat #13 – April 2021



What was the first British car that you ever owned?


Send your answer (with a photo, if you have one) to the following email address:


Bringing your Car out of Winter Storage

Bringing your Car out of Winter Storage
Recommissioning GBBCCx PDF.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [538.4 KB]

Many thanks to Brian Cullingford for providing this checklist of things to do with regard to bringing your car out of winter storage.  Thank you Brian


Quite a different take on an E-Type Jaguar



Great Fundraising in the UK



Top 9 New Sports Cars to Uphold British Motoring Tradition



Lord Mountbatten’s Jaguar 420 rides again



Goodwood Revival 2014


This event was blessed in 2014 with sunshine and blue skies on all three days and was an intoxicating celebration of historic motor racing at its absolute best.  This was attended by GBBCC members, Dick Clark and Lora





There are also three links to lengthy videos of each day


Day 1


Day 2


Day 3