"Brit Chit Chat #3" - June 2020

GBBCC Donation


With our healthy financial balance and no meeting expenses for most of this year, your Executive committee felt that there are many local people who require help during these unsettling times.  We made a decision to donate $1,000 to our local charity, Salvation Army Food Bank in Collingwood.  During the COVID-19 Pandemic, financial support is most needed, as it gives them the opportunity to purchase the supplies that are most needed.


With regard to the GBBCC donation, Major Neil Evenden said:


”Many thanks for your continuing support - it is greatly appreciated.  I hope that soon you will be able to ‘Hit the Road’ and Social Distance on a nice sunny day!”




Covid-19 Update from your GBBCC Executive


A number of members have asked whether the club will be arranging any events in the coming weeks, including possible cruises or drives.  The Executive have given this a great deal of attention but have concluded that this would be inappropriate at this time, given the advice from Public Health Ontario that “non-essential journeys” are to be avoided, and that group gatherings of over 5 people are prohibited. 


We know of other car clubs that have undertaken cruise events and in at least one case, the group were challenged and fined by OPP for contravening the “stay at home” guidelines.  The Executive are unwilling to do anything which has the potential to expose the club or its members to public criticism and potential sanction from by-law of other enforcement officials, including the police.  We will continue to monitor the situation and should anything change materially, we will revisit the current approach.


The club does remain open for business though and we will continue to produce a monthly Brit Chit Chat which is posted on our GBBCC web site.


Contributions to the Brit Chit Chat are very much encouraged.



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The best British Cars of all time





Here’s a nice piece on a beautiful car - Jaguar XK150





Some “virtual reality” re Jaguar





The story on the Jaguar XK220 includes a little lesson on aerodynamics as well as a good explanation of its history.





Jaguar and the 360 degree Loop




Jaguar and the Barrel Roll




Harry’s Garage discussing the 2020 new car market and why Harry thinks it's going to be very different from now on





Please keep well and be safe



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In addition, we are seeking to improve our Facebook page and invite any members who have any particular technical skills with Facebook to offer themselves up to provide some assistance!  We hope that members will like / follow the page so you will receive important updates related to the club, any upcoming event information and other relevant information.









For next month’s Brit Chit Chat, we need more material.  Please send us some links to good information including videos about British cars. 


How about photos or videos on any car restorations performed by any of our GBBCC members? 


Maybe you had a good journey (day trip or a holiday) in your British car in the past few years.


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