Brit Chit Chat #15 – June 2021


We continue to ask, what was the first British car you ever owned?


Send your answer (with a photo, if you have one) to this email address:




If you do NOT have a photo of your original British car, find a photo on the Internet that looks similar and we will post it with the following comment: “This is NOT a photo of my original British car but my car did look similar”


We currently have 13 submissions, which are listed in the sub-section that is below Brit Chit Chat #13


Britain’s Lords v Commons” car races



Rebirth of a Mk1 Mini



Future Rolls Royce 103E – 15 years from now?



The last of the Aristocrats; the Daimler DS420



For the Love of Cars - MK 1 Mini Cooper



Jaguar E-Type hearse inspired by 1971 cult classic film “Harold and Maude



Vintage Sports Car Club Prescot Hill Climb 2007, near Cheltenham, UK



Morgan Plus Four and Plus Six benefit from a host of updates