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Georgian Bay British Car Club was established on February 13th, 2006 in Collingwood, Ontario. 


GBBCC's Mission Statement: 

"Dedicated to the Preservation and Enjoyment of British Cars" 

We are pleased that you found your way to our website.  Here you can find out more about our car club, who we are, what we do, and our upcoming events. We will be very pleased to welcome you in person.

Check GBBCC Events for 2014

Check future GBBCC events, including the East & West Cruises re-introduced this season by popular demand.  We encourage members to bring their British vehicles but if they are off the road for any reason, or the weather is poor, please come in your regular vehicle - this club is about people, not vehicles. 

July 1st Canada Day Parade, Thornbury

had a good turnout at the Parade
with 21 British cars with the possibility of
two new members.

June 26th - BILL’S GARAGE


In spite of the cruise date taking place during the busy times working up to Canada Day celebrations, a number of GBBCC members attended our first ‘static’ cruise at Bill Rogers garage. The weather was perfect for hanging out, and those in attendance brushed up on their knowledge of the famous sports cars from Blackpool. Four very different TVRs were on display, and the crowd had a number of interesting questions answered.   At the end of the evening, a draw for a brand new TVR was held, and the prize, which will be presented at our next general meeting, was won by Doug Teddiman. Congratulations Doug.

June 22nd - Beaver Valley Cidery


We had 12 cars and new members quickly came to know other members.  The enthusiasm and general cheerfulness of the participants made the day enjoyable.  Piper's and the Beaver Valley Cidery were sincerely helpful and efficient.  Our stop at Epping gave time for more conversations.  Participants were generous in providing pertinent facts about the botanist John Muir and other relevant bits of history.


Our thanks go to all who spent the day with us.

June 9th General Meeting


Following our Show & Shine of British cars, Allan Lewis gave a very good presentation to a good group of GBBCC members on classic car appraisals, using his own Triumph Spitfire.  


We then adjourned about 8 o’clock for our regular meeting, upstairs in the Huron Club.


"Brits in the Village" 2014 Car Show - May 24th

The Brits in the Village” car show in the Plaza at Blue Mountain Village was a great success with some 55 British vehicles on show.  The weather was outstanding and everyone had a great time.


As is the tradition, TVR was the last vehicle to leave the Village (and in this case, there were 4 of them).  See Photos at 2014 Past Events

Eastern Cruise Revival - May 6th 2014


The East Cruise went very well with eleven British cars and 22 members attending.

Tom Hall led us on a very good drive, which took us by a very interesting roadside attraction of many carved trees near the Mt St Louis Moonstone area.


Supper at Horseshoe Resort was good and it was a very enjoyable evening - many thanks Tom.


This endorses the revival of our East / West Cruises.

Adopt-A-Highway Spring Cleanup - May 4th 2014

The weather was cool and very windy, but 22 hearty souls attended and the cleanup was completed in good time.  There were not as many imaginative stories regarding treasures found, however Gwyneth Green won first prize (a brand new TVR) for her submission of a winch ratchet box, which Bill may be able to use on one of his cars.  Other winners were Olav Vanderzon and Wayne Dziedzic.


Many thanks to everyone who helped to make it another successful Cleanup day

Look at GBBCC Past Events 2013 and 2012

We have posted photos of GBBCC events that were held in 2013 as well as 400+ photos from 2012 – see 2013 Photo Galleries and  2012 Photo Galleries

New Section - GBBCC Members Recommend

This new section, "GBBCC Members Recommend" will post recommendations made by our members of products, services, and other items, which they have had good experiences. Please submit to webmaster@gbbcc.com anything that may benefit your fellow members.  This section is only available to GBBCC members.


Meeting Venue



GBBCC will be holding its monthly meetings in the upstairs room at The Huron Club, 94 Pine Street, corner of 2nd Street, Collingwood.



Why not bring your partner and enjoy supper in this fine restaurant before our meeting.  Come early (before 6:00 pm) and let them know you are with the car club. There are food and drink specials between 5 & 7 pm.


See "How to Find Us"


Please check our Past Cruise Routes under Past GBBCC Events


This section of the website will contain details, including some maps of cruise routes that GBBCC has taken in the past few years so that our members may use them for planning future cruises for their own enjoyment or to make it easy for you to pick one and volunteer to lead a club cruise. 


It is recommended that these routes be driven prior to leading a cruise to ensure roads are in good condition and are not under construction.


Many thanks to Ralph Kertcher who has re-created these routes for our website.

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