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Georgian Bay British Car Club was established on February 13th, 2006 in Collingwood, Ontario. 


GBBCC's Mission Statement: 

"Dedicated to the Preservation and Enjoyment of British Cars" 

We are pleased that you found your way to our website.  Here you can find out more about our car club, who we are, what we do, and our upcoming events. We will be very pleased to welcome you in person.


If you are looking for a British car, please check our Classifieds section of this website under    * Autos for Sale *


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Check future GBBCC events, including the East & West Cruises re-introduced this season by popular demand.  We encourage members to bring their British vehicles but if they are off the road for any reason, or the weather is poor, please come in your regular vehicle - this club is about people, not vehicles. 

August 23rd - "British Invasion"

Led by Cathy and Harry de Ruiter, twenty three members of Georgian Bay British Car Club plus friends spent a memorable afternoon with the Beatles, Herman’s Hermits, Donavan, Petula Clark and many more British musicians from the 1960’s. 


We started out with clouds and some tops up in Collingwood with 3 cars but as the day progressed the weather turned sunny.  We met 3 more cars at Crossland Road & Hwy. 26.  From there we took back roads up to Balm Beach and on into Penetanguishene and Discovery Harbour.  The group was joined with Rick and Judy McGee’s friends, the Johnson’s 1936 Plymouth Touring Sedan and the Price’s 1964 Ford Farmland.  Several more members with their cars met us at Captain Robert’s Table for a great lunch and the performance at King’s Wharf Theatre.  The chef is a MINI driver and took time out to view our cars. 


Rick McGee was “over the moon” when he was serenaded by Donavan during the performance (you had to be there!).  By the end of the show we were all clapping and singing along with Twist & Shout.

August 17th - Annual GBBCC BBQ

Congratulations to all on the BBQ committee for arranging and pulling off this wonderful event!  28 British cars attended with over 60 members, many dressed in British regalia.  The weather was great and everyone had fun.  Many thanks to Joe Macdonald for cooking all the food and also thanks to all who brought great salads and desserts.  Submit your recipes to Webmaster@gbbcc.com and we will have a special section for member’s recipes.  The competitive streak of our members was shown in the Corn Hole competition.  The winners were Jill Carey and Rick McGee, with Ralph Kertcher and Gerry Murphy coming in second.  Many thanks to Bud McCannell for donating the lovely wine uncorking and decanting set and to Blue Mountain Golf and Country Club for the two golf passes.  Three cheers to everyone for making this such a great event.

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Article in The Globe and Mail on September 5, 2014

Daniel Nestor: Canada's most accomplished tennis player looks forward, not backward

By David Ebner


Nestor turned 42 this week, but the great Canadian doubles player is not thinking about retirement. He's got his eyes on the next Olympic Games.


The players' lounge at the Citi Open tennis tournament in the American capital is glass-walled and offers an array of pastimes: day beds, desktop computers, Jenga, and in one corner, cornhole.


The beanbag-tossing game, a staple of professional tennis, helps fill tedious hours between practices, the gym and matches. Competitors stand eight metres from a rectangular box and loft beanbags into a grapefruit-sized target.


Nenad Zimonjic, a 38-year-old from Belgrade, tosses bag after bag and each one fails to score. "Ziggy!" announces Daniel Nestor, the 41-year-old Canadian who is Zimonjic's doubles partner.  "You may be the worst cornhole player of all-time!"

August 9th – Edenvale “Gathering of the Classics”


Edenvale Aerodrome arranged superb weather and there was a great turnout of aircraft as well as many classic cars, including the Morgan Sports Car Club who visited.

August 5th - Cruise to Roy's Rads


Our leader, George Christie led us on a cruise to Kimberley where we had a large, very good buffet provided by The Village Inn. We then had a short drive to Roy’s Rads where we were overwhelmed by Roy’s collection of cars and auto related items. We also saw his collections of an assortment of 50's and 60's paraphernalia  

See Photos at 2014 Past Events

GBBCC's Signature Event

"Brits in the Village" on May 24th


The car show in the Plaza at Blue Mountain Village was a great success with some 55 British vehicles on show.  The weather was outstanding and everyone had a great time.


As is the tradition, a TVR was the last vehicle to leave the Village (and in this case, there were 4 of them).


See Photos at 2014 Past Events

Look at GBBCC Past Events 2014, 2013 & 2012

We have posted photos of GBBCC events that were held in 2014 and 2013 as well as 400+ photos from 2012 – see


  2014 Past Events

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New Section - GBBCC Members Recommend

This new section, "GBBCC Members Recommend" will post recommendations made by our members of products, services, and other items, which they have had good experiences. Please submit to webmaster@gbbcc.com anything that may benefit your fellow members.  This section is only available to GBBCC members.


Meeting Venue



GBBCC will be holding its monthly meetings in the upstairs room at The Huron Club, 94 Pine Street, corner of 2nd Street, Collingwood.



Why not bring your partner and enjoy supper in this fine restaurant before our meeting.  Come early (before 6:00 pm) and let them know you are with the car club. There are food and drink specials between 5 & 7 pm.


See "How to Find Us"


Please check our Past Cruise Routes under Past GBBCC Events


This section of the website will contain details, including some maps of cruise routes that GBBCC has taken in the past few years so that our members may use them for planning future cruises for their own enjoyment or to make it easy for you to pick one and volunteer to lead a club cruise. 


It is recommended that these routes be driven prior to leading a cruise to ensure roads are in good condition and are not under construction.


Many thanks to Ralph Kertcher who has re-created these routes for our website.

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