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Georgian Bay British Car Club was established on February 13th, 2006 in Collingwood, Ontario. 


GBBCC's Mission Statement: 

"Dedicated to the Preservation and Enjoyment of British Cars" 

July 12 - 14th Twenty Valley Wine Tour

Five British cars departed early on Tuesday, July 12th from the “old” Foodland store parking lot in Thornbury, for a rather hot drive to the Stoney Creek Battlefield Park, where we had an enjoyable picnic lunch in the shade.  Half the group walked up the hill to the monument for a lovely view of the area.  After lunch, we continued to the Ramada Beacon hotel overlooking Lake Ontario.  We checked in and relaxed before going out for dinner at a local establishment in Jordan Village.  For a nightcap, we adjourned for a Scottish libation, which is fast becoming an intrinsic pastime on these tours.


On Wednesday after breakfast, we set off to visit various wineries.  First was Flat Rock Cellars, then Westcott Vineyards and we had a very enjoyable lunch in a lovely setting at the Vineland Estate Winery.  We sampled a couple of wines named after Kevin O’Leary (they were okay and we did not have to spit the samples into spittoons!)  After lunch, we visited Malivoire Winery and ended our tour at the new Red Stone Winery which had only been open for a year.  We were most impressed with the buildings of each winery and it was obvious that a lot of capital had been spent. All of our members spent their cash wisely also, and many a bottle found their way into the cars! We followed this up with an enjoyable evening meal in the Beacon hotel


Next day, one of our group set off immediately after breakfast to drive to Stratford to meet up with other car club members to see a matinee show, “A Chorus Line”.  The rest of the group visited nearby Ball’s Falls - both the Upper and the Lower Falls were very dry, before returning home to arrive late in the afternoon.


This was a most enjoyable trip, well planned and organized by Brian and Laurie Wootton - very well done.  Many thanks.


July 7th  Stayner Music, Market and Parkit


Paul Hurst and Wayne Clute organized our attendance at Thursday evening’s Music, Market and Parkit event in Stayner.  On a lovely evening, we had six GBBCC members who ate supper, shopped at the local farmers’ market and then listened to the Regal Jazz Band, featuring our own Bob Muir on the trombone.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable and wonderful evening - many thanks Paul and Wayne.

July 7th - Hockley Valley Hill Climb Reunion 2016


5 cars departed from Tim Horton’s in Collingwood, just before 9.00am for a drive to the 5th Historic Hockley Valley Hill Climb Reunion. We met up with like-minded enthusiasts driving other British sports cars from the Headwaters British Car Club, to enjoy an informal run up the dirt road which was used for hill climbs back in the late 50’s and early 60’s. 

We lost one MGB on the run down due to overheating, but picked up an E-Type Jaguar by way of replacement along the way and met Graeme and his MGB there (still with its top up).  Despite the very high temperatures all the cars made it up the hill unscathed (despite an errant Honda interfering with Bill’s TVR and a waste truck coming down the hill just as Mike and Gillian were getting into their stride with the Morgan on the faster section).

Afterwards, the GBBCC team headed off to Terra Nova where we enjoyed our lunch prior to us all making our own way home. 

Again our car club were key supporters of the event - hopefully next year there will be more certainty and earlier notification of the event beforehand so that we can have even more cars in attendance.


At our General Meeting on March 14th, 2016, Bill Rogers presented the President’s Trophy to our new President, Mike Arkless.  Mike then presented Bill and Sharon Rogers with an Honorary Life Membership in grateful recognition of their excellent service to the success of our Club from 2006 to 2016

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We are pleased that you found your way to our website.  Here you can find out more about our car club, who we are, what we do, and our upcoming events. We will be very pleased to welcome you in person.

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GBBCC will be holding its monthly meetings in the upstairs room at The Huron Club, 94 Pine Street, corner of 2nd Street, Collingwood.



Why not bring your partner and enjoy supper in this fine restaurant before our meeting.  Come early (before 6:00 pm) and let them know you are with the car club. There are food and drink specials between 5 & 7 pm.


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