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Georgian Bay British Car Club was established on February 13th, 2006 in Collingwood, Ontario. 


GBBCC's Mission Statement: 

"Dedicated to the Preservation and Enjoyment of British Cars" 

We are pleased that you found your way to our website.  Here you can find out more about our car club, who we are, what we do, and our upcoming events. We will be very pleased to welcome you in person.

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This new section, "GBBCC Members Recommend" will post recommendations made by our members of products, services, and other items, which they have had good experiences. Please submit to webmaster@gbbcc.com anything that may benefit your fellow members.  This section is only available to GBBCC members.

GBBCC Christmas Gala - December 3rd

The annual Christmas Gala was held at the Blue Mountain Golf & Country Club with 83 members attending.  We enjoyed a lovely sit-down turkey dinner prepared by the club’s chef, Burger Bob.  Wayne Buttery provided excellent background music during our meal and then livened up our group with great dancing music.  A slide show of more than 600 photos displayed 21 of the GBBCC events held in 2013.  Two birthdays were celebrated with special chocolate cupcakes and candles.  Brian Cullingford kindly donated two draw prizes and the club also provided three bottles of wine.  An excellent time was had by all. See Photo Gallery for photos of the Gala taken by Bill Rogers.

Ear Muff Run - November 3rd


After postponing the event due to a bad weather forecast, we were very lucky and the sky was blue and sunny, although it was rather cold. 27 brave members turned up in various costumes with a wonderful display of original ear muffs. For the cruise, there were 15 vehicles, of which 8 were British and 3 of them with their tops down. The drive took us west to Lake Eugenia which provided a great photo opportunity.  


We ended at Mylar & Loreta’s in Singhampton, where we had a lovely lunch (good food, good service and of course, good company). In a very close competition, Alex Faltynek and Sheila won the "Ear Muff" trophy for their original ear muffs beating out some wonderful costumes - see Photo Gallery

Fall Colours Tour - October 13th


Brian Wootton led us on a lovely drive that showed us the wonderful Fall colours. En route, we stopped at Glen Huron to buy various items (apples, baked goods, etc.) from Giffen's Country Market store. We ended the cruise with a great lunch at Dorrington’s pub in Nottawa.  


Thank you Brian for this great outing - see Photo Gallery

30th British Car Day - September 15th


Seven GBBCC cars, led by Rick Crawford, drove in convoy from Collingwood and Shelburne down to Bronte Park, Oakville.  As usual, the weather was good, although slightly cold, and there must have been well over 1,000 British cars there. TVR owners were well organized and had a wonderful picnic including candelabras, some beverages and Quebec cheeses. Several other GBBCC members attended the great show and a great day was had by everyone - see Photo Gallery

Monthly Meeting - September 9th


Some 23 cars assembled for the Show & Shine in the parking lot across from The Huron Club. Don Godfrey gave an interesting presentation on converting his MGB to Halogen and LED lights. The meeting ended with a movie on the British car industry. see Photo Gallery

GBBCC Annual BBQ - August 25th


Thanks again to Paul & Martina, GBBCC held its annual BBQ in their horse arena near the Collingwood Airport. The featured marque was Jaguar and we had a great display of 10 of them, including three XKE types.  Brian Wotton organised a game of "Cornhole" (or bean bag toss) and it was amazing to see how competitive some of our members are.  The eventful winners were Jane Sears and Les Robson with Pam Muir and Jim Spruce being gallant runners-up.  In the heat of the very hot day, Joe Macdonald did an admirable job of cooking all the food - many thanks.  See Photo Gallery

"Tall Ships" 1812 Tour - August 17th



GBBCC had an exclusive arrangement with The Town of Collingwood to hold a Show & Shine of British cars in Millennium Park, as part of the Tall Ships celebration. GBBCC had 22 cars attend, which were a welcome attraction for the many visitors, who had to wait for tours of the Tall Ships. In the afternoon, we witnessed a re-enactment of a 1812 battle. See 2013 Photo Gallery


Meeting Venue



GBBCC will be holding its monthly meetings in the upstairs room at The Huron Club, 94 Pine Street, corner of 2nd Street, Collingwood.



Why not bring your partner and enjoy supper in this fine restaurant before our meeting.  Come early (before 6:00 pm) and let them know you are with the car club. There are food and drink specials between 5 & 7 pm.


See "How to Find Us"


Please check our Past Cruise Routes under Past GBBCC Events


This section of the website will contain details, including some maps of cruise routes that GBBCC has taken in the past few years so that our members may use them for planning future cruises for their own enjoyment or to make it easy for you to pick one and volunteer to lead a club cruise. 


It is recommended that these routes be driven prior to leading a cruise to ensure roads are in good condition and are not under construction.


Many thanks to Ralph Kertcher who has re-created these routes for our website.

 GBBCC 2013 and 2012 Events


We are posting photos of GBBCC events that were held in 2013 as well as over 400 photos from 2012

– see 2013 Photo Galleries and  2012 Photo Galleries

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