Jaguar Mk X and 420G series


A variety of parts from Mk X and 420G series Jaguars that I am willing to donate to whoever can use them.


They are available for pick up in Georgetown, Ontario.


If you are interested, please contact:


Paul Sproule   416-230-5060


Triumph Parts for Sale


Genuine Triumph Spitfire British Motor Heritage Limited Replacement Sill Panel right hand side.

Part # 903098

British Motor Heritage Parts are made in the UK on the original Triumph tooling - not a reproduction.

Moss lists this for $225 USD under part number 867-330

Mk3, MkIV, 1500

Selling for $150 Canadian. This is cheaper than the Steelcraft reproductions.


TR6 Original painted steel valve cover - new low price $40

Located near Singhampton.

Contact Allan at 519-922-3321 or


New TR7/TR8 Shocks


New front and rear standard shocks for a TR7/TR8 from Rimmer Brothers in England. They are in their unopened boxes.


Asking $120 for the four shocks.


Doug Cane   519 432 7537



TR6, TR4 and Austin Healy parts for sale


After over 30 years of classic British car restorations, I have decided to sell some of my collection of brand new, still in the wrappings, and gently used parts for your TR6, TR4 or BN1 or BN2.  It is best you contact me with your “wish list” and I can see if I have that important part you need.   See list below:


Parts will be sold at fair market value - all parts are located in Collingwood so for GBBCC members, that is a bonus, for others, you would pay for the cost of shipping the parts Canada Post as well as the agreed upon sale price of the part(s).



All prices will be discussed between parties - I am using the Moss catalogue to gauge the selling price and (since you are a GBBCC member) I will certainly give you a fair deal!


Best to email me with your part(s) request and I’ll send you photos of the part(s) before we meet COVID style and complete the transaction.


Cell: 647-992-2144


Mark Hord


GBBCC Member



Item                                                                                 Part                       Moss                Sale

steering column bush kit                                             RFK112                                             20

Overdrive chrome emblem - rear valance                                              18.95                    15

wire cover                                                                  611-369/L                                          15

lock set, doors, trunk, glove box, 2 keys                     402-140                   120                 100

Tourist Trophy ring kit                                                  905-635                29.95                    15

Tourist Trophy black 15" wheel                                   489-050                   240                 200

dashboard, sanded, not finished 75-/76                                                                                     80

dashboard, finished, 75/76                                                                                                         SOLD

mid-brown rear boot cover – used                                                                                    250

used bullet mirror                                                                                                                               20

brushed aluminum trim rings (each) (6)                                                                                            30

chrome original lug nuts (each)                                                                                                          5

fuel filter                                                                      377-437                    5.5                    4

Petronix Electronic Ignition                                         222-395                99.95                   80

spark plug wire set used                                                                                                                   20

Failsafe thermostat and gaskets                                434-205                16.95                   12

Green hoses (each)                                                     834-670                31.95             SOLD

Cylinder head oil feed kit                                             821-360                69.95                  50

Valve covers TR6 - 2 used, each                              N/A                           N/A                 100

Bentley Shop Manual                                                  212-780                                      SOLD

Carb Synchronizer                                                       386-200                29.95             SOLD

Stromberg Mixture tool                                                386-310                  8.95             SOLD

Spin on oil filter – Fram                                                235-830                13.95             SOLD

Spin on oil adapter                                                       635-820                67.95             SOLD

Steering Rack solid mount                                         667-288                56.95                   50

Positive battery cable                                                  159-805                26.95                  20

TR6 wiper arms and blades black                                                                  15.95              SOLD

TR6 wiper arms and blades silver (each)                                                       26.95              SOLD

TR6 wipers - blades only                                                                                  7.95             SOLD

TR6 wipers - blades only                                                                                  7.95             SOLD

Stainless rear brake line set                                                                                                     SOLD

Heater Control Valve                                                   835-270                27.95                 20

Complete body wiring harness TR6                          UK                            800                400

Window crank handles (2)                                          BD32364               19.95                  15

Oil feed line                                                                   821-360              69.95                  50

Rear brake shoes                                                                                           28.95             SOLD

Rear brake springs (top and bottom)                                                             14.95             SOLD

TR6 wheel nuts (28) sold each or set of 4                                                                                    20

Richard Good throttle shaft bushing kit                                                                                        60

Rad cap                                                                                                                                        10

Various rad hoses and clamps (each)                                                                                     SOLD

TR6 front grille emblem (used)                                                                                                     35

Hardtop rubber seal kit - side glass                                                                                        SOLD

Hardtop rubber seal front                                                                                                       SOLD

Hardtop furflex – all                                                                                                    SOLD

Hardtop rear chrome piece LH                                   716-607                                        40

Hardtop rear chrome piece RH                                  716-608                                        40

Passenger vent kit – complete                                                                                       70

Front windshield chrome strip – new                        613-954                  8.95                   8

TR6 rear valance decal – LH                                                                     20             SOLD

TR6 rear valance decal – RH                                                                    20             SOLD

Cannister oil filter                                                         950-505                    8                   5

Front fender baffle plate – RH                                    802-000               15.95                 12

Valve cover gaskets TR6 (2) each                                                                                               10

Used wiper switch complete and working                                                                                    20

Front fender baffle plate rubber seal (2)                   680-410                                         15

TR4A Model – unopened                                                                                               20

AH rubber rear bumper seals used (pair)                                                                              20

Healy BN1, BN2 side body spear                              601-261                                        40

Healy BN1. BN2 side body spear                              601-279                                        40

Windshield sun visor complete RH used TR6                                                                             20

radio surround used                                                    647-045                                       10

bullet mirror – used                                                                                                         15

Lucas distributor cap – new                                       LUDDB117                                     20

Tach cable - inside only used                                                                                                       10

TR4 chrome valve cover and gasket – used                                                                100

Baffle plate inner fender (RH)                                    802-000                12.95                10

inner front fender seals (2)                                          680-410                                         5



Rare Repair Manuals

Number of rare repair manuals for British cars for sale, as follows:

  • Early Jaguar XJ6
  • 4.2 Mark 10 Jag
  • 2 copies of Austin Marina
  • Austin A99/110 Westminster
  • A55 Morris Oxford
  • MG Midget
  • MG Midget TC
  • Austin 7 A30
  • Austin Mini

They are all original, very good condition and were owned by the Technical Service Manager of BMC Hamilton/British Leyland Burlington 1965-1981. Selling them as a package deal $200.00

If seriously interested, 905 929 3444 text / call

Peter Jaycock


MGA Parts


Colleen and Ed Boer are MG owners and Ed has restored a couple of MGA’s over the years.  There is only an engine left.


If any GBBCC member could use an engine, please contact Colleen Boer at 519-986-2188 or

in Markdale, Ontario