Adopt-A-Highway Spring 2019 Cleanup


It was a bright and sunny morning with a moderate outside temperature which made it comfortable for 18 members attending this Spring Cleanup. There was some concern early in the week that there would not be enough attending, but our cries for help were answered.  A fair amount of roadside litter was picked up including a kitchen/bathroom sink with all of the taps, etc.  A few prizes were handed out to members who had found some interesting items.  This is a great event for our club to participate in helping the local community.

First Event of 2019 – April 25th Evening Cruise to Eugenia


18 GBBCC members and partners took part in the first cruise event for 2019 - a drive from Thornbury harbour through the Beaver Valley to the Eugenia Falls, followed by dinner at The Flying Chestnut Kitchen.  The weather was quite splendid and the warm temperature ensured that roofs were lowered and sun glasses worn!  Following from the recent heavy rain and with additional contributions from the snow melt run off, Eugenia Falls showed at its very best - almost like a small Niagara Falls.  Some local members noted that they had never seen so much water coming over the falls - it was quite the sight, as the photos show.


The service and meal at The Flying Chestnut Kitchen was excellent and there was a good level of social activity.  Altogether a most splendid evening - many thanks to Mike and Gillian Arkless for arranging the weather, the drive and the restaurant !


The British Car Council developed the Order of British Car Enthusiast’s (OBSE) award for member car clubs to nominate one of their members for this recognition annually.   The club member should have demonstrated great enthusiasm for, and robust knowledge about British cars, as well as much enthusiasm for club meetings and club events at the member club level.

At our January meeting, Mike Arkless made a presentation of the British Car Council’s OBSE Award.  The GBBCC Executive had petitioned to have a dual award presented, and this was granted.  After a summary of their contributions, both in the creation of GBBCC and of its ongoing operation, Mike presented OBSE Medals to Graeme Wallace and Bill Rogers.  A warm round of applause and good wishes came from all those in attendance. 

Last year, the OBSE Award  was presented to Brian Bailey.