Future GBBCC Events


Public Health Ontario are advising people to limit activities outside of the home, and to avoid all non-essential trips.  This is for the benefit of residents, healthcare and emergency response workers.


GBBCC supports this guidance and will not be promoting or organizing any driving events until such time as the advice allows for such activities


We want to encourage our GBBCC members to lead cruises during the driving season (any day or time of the week).  You decide on the date, the route, where the cruise goes, and the duration of the drive. 

You can refer to Past GBBCC Cruise Routes for ideas.

Your cruise can include anything that you feel may be of interest to our members and can include a stop for refreshments.  It is your choice as to what we do and hopefully, we can attract many GBBCC members to participate.  Any member of the GBBCC Executive can assist you plan your cruise.


2021 Future GBBCC Events


Hello everyone!


Unfortunate news. Ancaster Car Show is cancelled. They are not able to proceed due to Covid 19. The facility is sealed up tight.  They may be able to restart later in the year, but only if Covid is beaten.


The Rockton event is still scheduled for October and they will keep us informed as we get closer to that time.


If you have any questions you can email David Jones




or call 905 687 0377


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