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Georgian Bay British Car Club Members                   11 June 2021


I had originally intended this to go out at the beginning of the week, but as that did not happen, I have taken the opportunity to update it with some more current facts.


We all looked forward to the stay-at-home order being rescinded, but the initial reality was 'What changed?'  Really, very little.  Retail was still curbside only.  Talk of patios and outdoor dining, but nothing more.  Fortunately, today brings more clarification.  Retail does have an indoor component.  Patios and outdoor dining are permitted, as soon as these establishments can restaff and restock.


Unfortunately, even an event as benign as a 'Show and Shine' is a non-starter.  With the outdoor limit still at 10 persons, it is difficult to imagine who could set up when there is no room left for visitors!


Christine Elliott has suggested that the next stage (which would include among other things larger numbers for gatherings) could be sooner than later.  With number looking encouraging – both the population, % vaccinated, and the daily case counts dramatically down – we can only hope she is correct.


It has definitely been disappointing, with all the great touring weather that we have had lately, not to be taking advantage more often.


The executive is looking very forward to being able to organize and promote get-togethers this summer, as soon as the regulations permit us to.


Doug Simpson,  Events Co-ordinator



Public Health Ontario are advising people to limit activities outside of the home, and to avoid all non-essential trips.  This is for the benefit of residents, healthcare and emergency response workers.


GBBCC supports this guidance and will not be promoting or organizing any driving events until such time as the advice allows for such activities


We want to encourage our GBBCC members to lead cruises during the driving season (any day or time of the week).  You decide on the date, the route, where the cruise goes, and the duration of the drive. 

You can refer to Past GBBCC Cruise Routes for ideas.

Your cruise can include anything that you feel may be of interest to our members and can include a stop for refreshments.  It is your choice as to what we do and hopefully, we can attract many GBBCC members to participate.  Any member of the GBBCC Executive can assist you plan your cruise.


2021 Future GBBCC Events


Hello everyone!


April/May 2021  Ancaster Car Show is cancelled. They are not able to proceed due to Covid 19. The facility is sealed up tight.  They may be able to restart later in the year, but only if Covid is beaten.


June 2021  Gravenhurst Virtual Car Show.  We’re reaching out to talk about the Gravenhurst Car Show and why YOU should sign on to enjoy our featured automobiles and/or register your special ride to join in the fun!  The Gravenhurst Car Show has been going strong for the past 28 years and in 2020, for the first time, we held our show online. This proved to be a success allowing those from all over to participate without having to commit to a full day, outdoor event. Though we miss seeing all our pals in person, we are happy to offer this online gathering again in 2021 as an opportunity for us to connect and enjoy our shared passion for awesome cars!  New this year individuals will be able to view cars by category including by club memberships!  Our virtual event is taking place June 16 through the 23 with all vehicles being listed at www.gravenhurstcarshow.com for public viewers to consider and vote on. Prizes will be awarded to the Top 10 People’s Choice and every car registered will receive one ballot in the draw for $500 worth of tires from one of our wonderful sponsors, Wayne’s Tire Discounter!   Please visit us at www.gravenhurstcarshow.com, email or call for more information and REGISTER TODAY!  You can also find us, The Gravenhurst Car Show, on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest and some special sneak peaks!


June 2021  Aurora Virtual Car Show.   The Town of Aurora is inviting car clubs from around Canada to participate in Aurora’s Canada Day Virtual Classic Car Show. The show will take place online at aurora.ca/canadaday from Saturday, June 26 to Sunday, July 4 and we would be delighted if you and the members of your club would consider participating. Miles may separate us, but the love for the classic cars unites us. It would be wonderful to include your member’s cars in this show as we know this will be a highlight for our community.  Entries into the show will be separated into three main categories; Classic Car, Classic Truck and Hot Rod. While the show is live on our webpage, members of our community and all of those who visit the site will be able to participate by casting votes for their favourite vehicle in each category. The winners in each category will all receive great prizes.  There is no fee to enter into the show, and we will happily recognize your organization with each of your club’s entries.  If you or your members are interested in participating, please complete the attached entry form for Aurora’s Canada Day Virtual Classic Car Show. This includes the selection of your vehicles category, a brief description of the vehicles history and a request for an image to accompany the entry on our webpage.  The deadline to submit a completed entry form is Friday, June 18, 2021.   If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.  Thank you,

Colin Chappell
Special Events Program Assistant, Town of Aurora
100 John West Way, Box 1000, Aurora, Ontario  L4G 6J1

Phone: 905-727-3123 ext. 3122  cchappell@aurora.ca  www.aurora.ca

July 2021  Brits-in-the-Park 2021 Virtual Show.To enter Brits, send an e-mail to  Britsinthepark@gmail.com and state the following:

1. Your name:
2. Your e-mail address:
3. Your mailing address:
4. The year, make and model of your car:
5. The show class you are in (A – Q)

A: Mini – old & new

B: Austin Healey

C: Morgan, Sunbeam, Stag

D: Jaguar, Bentley, Rolls Royce

E: Jaguar Roadster



H: MGB Chrome Bumper

I: MGB Rubber Bumper

J: Triumph TR2-3-4

K: Triumph TR 250-6-7-8

L: AH Sprite, MG Midget

M: Triumph Spitfire, GT6

N: Special Interest Convertible

O: Special Interest Hardtop

P: Motorcycles

Q: Bugeye Sprite

6. If you belong to a car club, give the name of the club:
7. Briefly provide any further info that you believe is pertinent to judging your car:
8. Attach up to five (5) photos of your car. 
Note:  Entries before July 14th are appreciated but will be accepted until that date. 
Send to: 

September 2021  The Toronto Triumph Car Club has made the decision to cancel British Car Day that was scheduled for Sunday 19th September 2021.  For further details check their Web site  www.BritishCarDay.com  This cancellation is due to Covid-19 and concern over safety of volunteers, vendors, sponsors and local community.  



The 37th running of British Car Day is scheduled for Sunday 18th of September 2022 celebrating the 60th anniversaries of the MG-B, Triumph Spitfire and Lotus Elan.

Rockton event is still scheduled for October and they will keep us informed as The Rockton event is still scheduled for October and they will keep us informed as 


October 2021  The Rockton event is still scheduled for October and they will keep us informed as we get closer to that time.  If you have any questions you can email  David Jones    davidjones197@hotmail.com   or call 905 687 0377


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