2018 Future GBBCC Events

You will see below that we have scheduled for each driving month, cruises on Tuesdays, an “East Cruise” with a “West Cruise” two weeks later.   We are looking for GBBCC members to lead these cruises any day of the week (you are not tied to a Tuesday) and at any time of the day.  You decide on the route, where the cruise goes, and the duration of the drive. 

You can refer to Past GBBCC Cruise Routes for ideas.

Your cruise can include anything that you feel may be of interest to our members and can include a stop for refreshments.  It is your choice as to what we do and hopefully, we can attract GBBCC members from the East and West to participate.  Those members who are located centrally (e.g. Collingwood area) can also lead these cruises but the routes should favour the East or the West.

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Events in RED are GBBCC events

Those in GREEN are for information only

Those in PALE BLUE are other events